Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine PT.2

Doors and windows of opportunity were only open for a few moments; then security locked it down! 

It was for a limited time only like fast food commercials; but O-Dizzle will continue to rock the sound! 

Time is funny..that's why I'm not trying to waste yours or mine.. sometimes lonely because we had Work To Do like the Isley Brothers; that's the dizzle! 

Revolutionaries and counter revolutionaries were operating like the Arab spring; trying to overthrow the reign that began with a drizzle! 

Al Qaeda said they sparked it like lightning in inclement weather! 

Whose the freedom fighter? they said it was hard hitting like Floyd Mayweather! 

Junior or Senior? meanwhile the Chi Lites sing have you seen her; after she took another piece of their heart like Janis Joplin! 

Act like you knew a bruh!! so whatcha know about him? he's a Rider of The Storm like the Doors and Jim Morrison; tearing things up from Birmingham all the way to Joplin! 

It's even going down in Birmingham over in heard man? time keeps on moving; murdering the best of them that hit the fast forward button!

Some kept getting up every morning punching the time clock at the salt mine; a punishment glutton? 

At the end of the day? left with nothing..time frames caught up with them! 

Thirty year mortgages; sixty and seventy two month car notes ...not trying to waste your time or mine with the beats and quotes..time frames? citizens worldwide are caught up in them! 

Poignant with the beats and quotes while another votes; word from Herman Cain!! but whose drinking the poison mixed with the cherry or grape Kool Aid? that gets them every time! 

Or maybe drinking the Gatorade or Powerade will make you beat Usain Bolt's time! 

I'm even going all out for mine before the shot clock expires! 

Then time will be up..that's why I wont waste yours or I go for mine..even though the hooptie wont get far on slick tires!

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