Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Dealing with mixed emotions while caught in this moment of time!

This is a critical stage of development; whose caught up? I was wise to the set up!! not using Bank of America debit cards..haters try to make it hard for us...they nickel and dime ya..I was realizing that evil is an opponent of mine! 

Breakbeat science is a component of mine; Red Light Love per Those Darlins?  playing on like Florida Marlins..or maybe even the Tampa Bay Rays..emotional after they win the wild card...trying to get over the hump like the middle of the week!

As we continue to deal with the madness; what's up with this? for some emotions are shown.."so hard to to say goodbye to yesterday" per Boyz To emotional...their outlook is bleak! 

....As we streak through the galaxies like space junk crash landing on earth! 

Brought back this Pluto Intergalactic Space funk; knowing what its all worth! 

....Plutonium and uranium have a space in an anarchists heart from Iran to Libya.... I noticed the business being conducted was Shady Like Grady..

A fanatic tried to delay the rebirth!!  like Alabama immigration laws I said....I noticed the business being conducted was Shady like Grady! 

...Not homie from Sanford and Son; blues like Bobby Blue Bland will cause some to come undone!! now at University Hospital in Louisville or in the ATL at Grady! 

Jokers nixed notions on making me fail; but they're trying to play me another way! 

Broken beats and English reflect my mixed emotions; as I put it down like this and like that!

Pain and anguish kicked like bad habits during these promotions; as we put it down like this and like that!

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