Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer Madness Is Over...But It's Still On And Popping!! As I Fall Through

Its on and popping!!! as I Fall Through due to the season change; it's September..I still gather and hunt..soon it'll be October!

Breakbeat science is what were dropping due to the summer madness; my kinfolk were dropping like it was The Hunt For Red October!

Word from Sean Connery!! ignored the word from Sean Hannity; some folk haven't changed!

Whats up with me? as I Fall Through!! I take it back to basics...understand me when this good word is dropped and the beats banged!

Whats the word on the curb? in government, corporations, religion and in the streets the game has been rearranged; but actually its still the same!

From Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia to the Gaza Strip; to the IHOP in Reno..we soon realize that its all game!

Who will understand a bruh? once considered a fly negro..when he was dipping down Muhammad Ali and Unseld Blvd in Louisville / Newburg; or even Beatties Ford Rd in Charlotte.

Dipping down 101 in the Bay Area or up on Reading Rd in Cincinnati; one step ahead of Illuminati..I wasn't tricked by the harlot!

Who started it?  the daughter of chaos was cutting up...now some one will take a loss!

Who started it?  life is hectic!! plus my folk are disrespected.. even Obama said its rough out here!! you can't act like Watch the Throne; you can't front and floss!

...Its on and popping!! that clause in the contract will get you every time!

Now some reflect; listening to Earth Wind and Fire's September; here in September or whenever!! like Michael Jackson..they Remember The Time!

Other jokers remember the crime that was perpetrated...did the plot or scheme fall through? damn!! it looks like it did!!

Brotha O-Dizzle is getting busy..broken beats are used...who said O-Zone is not on the team? please!! seasons change...a bruh had to fall through!! as I roll up in the hooptie...slick tires screech..as I go into a skid...

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