Friday, September 30, 2011

They Said They Had The Hook Up

I was told they had the hook up!! but they sounded like workers at the Boeing plant near Philly..what's the deally?  I found out otherwise! 

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner? where did we find ya? whose caught up or caught out there?  subject to the authority!! the policies of the wise and otherwise! 

Whatcha knowing? the bright lights can blind ya..what hook up? ..word from Living For The City mentioned by Stevie Wonder..this brotha was wise to the set up based on being a veteran in the coaching! 

Who'll rise to the occasion? repelling the hostile takeover..the home invasion!! whose encroaching?

....As were caught in a moment of time..soon approaching that point; the critical stage of development!

Check the transformation mentioned by Nona Hendryx and Teri Lynne Carrington; like a postal worker whose daring me to push the envelope? 

Whose going postal without paying the postage? because they can't cope with that and this..their strategies left them woefully unprepared!

Postal workers fight possible layoffs....Atlanta Braves were knocked out of the whose caught up or held hostage after they truth or dared?

Al Qaeda running scared? their leader in Yemen gets hit up with a drone... 

How will some play ya? they said they had the hook your stranded out there in the danger zone...

...As we adjust bass, treble, and tone...O-Dizzle will hook up a funky track...

O-Zone will drop this good heard? as we continue to fight back....

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