Saturday, September 3, 2011

Watch Yourself!!!

...Over on Covington Highway in Decatur Georgia....old girl said go on with your bad self!! so I'm letting a little something out; like I was sitting on the throne! love was shown my way...ain't no love in the heart of the city per Bobby Blue Bland..please!! even the CIA and Gaddafi worked together..I checked the weather..I was getting feedback; told to watch my mouth and watch my tone!

....Others were distracted ...New Orleans Mayor told them to watch yourself!! watch out for Tropical Storm Lee..but they tried to Watch The Throne like Kanye and Jay-Z ....others told them to wash their mouths out with soap!

.....back down to I interacted with a clone I could see morale was low due to partisanship aka gamemanship in the some people act like they lost hope!

Others were distracted..on their cell phones checking Facebook..Twitter..others were bitter...I'm just trying to cope; summer madness is in full effect! but it's September..Labor Day weekend as I write this so it's almost over with..

Whose given enough rope to hang themselves?  please stop the madness!!! what do you expect? for some it's over with..

Stop the madness!! watch yourself!! Strauss-Kahn went on with his bad self..trying to dip back to France..others are Caught Up in a bad circumstance..but what do you expect from Babylon?

He's trying to dip like Usain Bolt...another dread Sizzla mentioned burning Babylon down; what did you learn in the sound? O-Dizzle will put a message in the song!

As we get down!! haters told me I'm wrong!! please!!  I told them to watch yourself!

As we get down!! soon we'll all need to take cover...when the structure falls apart you'll be trying to catch yourself!

As we get down...batching up something fresh...hitting you up with this breakbeat science..

Taking old girl's advice...we went on with our bad told yourself!! these are dangerous times...

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