Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Status? Unchanged....Some Are Still Caught Up

Some are Caught Up...they say the status was unchanged; please!! they said  it wasn't updated on Twitter or Facebook!

So what's up? holla back at us!! the beats banged...O-Dizzle will rock with ya!!  plus we had the good word; but some heard they were face to face with a crook!

.....Dealt with the fakes...dealt with the jakes.. I shook them off like a dog does fleas; so now I face accusations!

...Accused of being arrogant and aloof...the brotha O-Dog? please!! just because I wasn't jacked by confusion and frustrations!

Dude said he was the mack!! imagine that....peeping game...but he wasn't trusted in situations...he was rolling like Huggy Bear!

.....Word from Starsky and Hutch...a bruh wasn't coming through in the clutch!! he was contacting authorities to tell stories about the word on the curb; in love or war nothing is fair!

...Willie Hutch said brothas are gonna work it out..but the status is unchanged; as rockets red glare and bombs burst in the air!

What's the deally? homie was smoked out on the cut up Dutch Masters..some holla back at us!! acting brand new as they go there; from Tripoli to the ATL!

....Some holla back at us; they even try to trip on me!! it seems the status is unchanged!!  pirates wreak havoc from the Caribbean to the Barbary Coast to over in Somalia; they get foul with ya!! it ain't heard to tell!

Word from Nas!!  the status quo has so many flaws; actually failure is an option!

Check the status!! its unchanged..but the good word is dropped and beats banged; O-Dog will rock them!

Check the's unchanged...hustles? haters will knock should already know what it is....

Check the's unchanged..even though reasons change..even seasons change from summer to fall...some are still Caught Up..I guess it is what it is...

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