Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Secret Knowledge

Secret knowledge was acquired ..it was based on observing the scene....some of it was obvious....it wasn't due to the quid pro quo!

But I'm discrete with the knowledge; it's like yellow cake hid in Libya.. it'll provide fuel  for the mothership so I can get good mileage when dipping from the status quo!

Big homie asked me whatcha know? just like they played Rick Perry at the GOP Debate..they said he was a fake....but I played it like a government official!

I would neither confirm nor deny those allegations!! but the breakbeat science that's dropped during these situations is official!

Hopefully its beneficial like Praise 102.5 in Atlanta ...where's Rhodell in the ATL?  please!! I'm trying not to fail..just letting my people know what it do during the ongoing smoke and mirror show! 

The dope or drink will be the the vehicle for some trying to cope; check the US Household median income...they're caught up in the flow!

All up in the status quo!! in a world that's so cold..secret knowledge was revealed that shows they will remain there or even fall off!

The apparatus is foul with it!! proven during summer madness; not the kind Kool and The Gang mentioned..now fall is approaching; this veteran in the game is like Rick Adelman..still coaching!! my agenda? I won't call off!

Not affected by NBA Lockouts..the Brotha O-Dizzle continues to rock out..but haters were encroaching; secret knowledge was revealed about the methods being used!

....So methods to the madness are developed; I refuse to be used and abused!

We studied the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space..throughout the galaxies we cruised...even found 16 new super earths... as we land back down to earth with the funk rebirth..

Plus we did the knowledge..some of it acquired was secret..so were discrete with it..what's it all worth?

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