Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Felt The Pressure...Peace Wouldn't Be Still

Still waters run deep like the Four Tops mentioned; so I remembered that when I was floating through the stream of consciousness!

Plus I Felt The Pressure..pirates will creep like my homies in Somalia; so I'm not getting in too over my head!! but check out how I come with this! 

The mothership was rolling through the we drop back down to earth like space junk..we came back with the funk..I brought the drum with this good word; now its going down like this and that! 

Peace wouldn't be still!! in the midst of spiritual warfare? we continue to fight that! 

Haters didn't wont to act right!! acting like Republicans..what's up man?  now we have glitches in the matrix! 

What's the deal? haters didn't want to act right!! now operations get sabotaged by snitches that faked it!

I Felt The Pressure...I felt the heat...Chefs in Hells Kitchen baked it!! saying bon the Obama one term conspiracy! 

We shaked it off; but knew peace wouldn't be still due to the chaos theory!



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