Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Scenery PT.2

Falling through!!! back in these hoods...once on the east side like the Jefferson's..foreclosures in Georgia got the best of some...but I'm soaking everything in..enjoying the scenery; observing the scene!

Rolling through the backwoods of Georgia..WTF was on a bumper sticker on back of the pickup truck;  plus the loaded gun rack was seen! 

Rolling through...jokers were on Candler Rd in Decatur in the Chevy Caprice smoking backwoods..what's up with ya...what's good in these hoods?...some act like they knew; but rolling like Dick Cheney...or even Donald Rumsfield..other players in the field.....WMDs on the scene? naw!! but folk went to war anyway...but in the hood they're ready to dump on the next buster! 

Please!! Cheney even fronted on Colin Powell...haters will get foul...I see peace wouldn't be still; society was still fronting they didn't trust us!

But we can't trust it per Public Enemy; that's word from Chuck D!

Check Flavor Flav's clock; what time is it like Morris Day and them? who'll get it up? out there like UBS AG..where a gambler out for a fast buck will be!

....Dice roll on the pavement in the crap in Victory Park up in Louisville back in the day! 

Miami Vice type interactions take place; like The Miami Heat; victory or defeat awaits..whats the it a good or bad day? 

Observing the scene; soon I'll be ready to roll...I'm on my way! 

Down here in the ATL;  but not fresh and clean like OutKast mentioned...your homie has to play it another way!

Let the music play is the O-Dizzle policy....who'll rock with me? 

Chaos and confusion play a big roll... knowing what the machines policy is...knocking the hustle..that's what it'll be....

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