Saturday, September 10, 2011


Morgan Freeman's character on Shawshank Redemption said lose the hope; it'll eat you alive!

Whose a free man? will shawty with the shank give you an exemption?  I saw Rev. Jesse Jackson at the Bud Billikin Parade in Chicago on WGN; he said keep hope alive!

Whats up with me? man please!! were all up in the action Transmitting Live with the hardcore style!

Security heightens due to the anniversary of 9/11...whats the business? were dealing with situations that are foul!

So what's the business? I was making plans like Obama's jobs program...haters make adjustments; they can't be trusted... they're pressing the button or turning the dial; or even tightening the screws!

Now we deal with the onslaught like it's Gaddafi's stronghold at Bani Walid....true indeed..trouble was awaited by punishment gluttons; check the six o clock news!

Whats the deal? check the Sonic Assault... O-Dizzle will rock with ya!! while O-Zone enjoys the views from the scenic route!

Rolling down Route 66..wearing K-Mart Route 66? I doubt it..a bruh is also rolling down 1-75 in Atlanta..or out in the galaxies..understand a bruh? ..Intergalactic journeys were taken like NASA lunar probes...a bruh is going all out!

Noticed others were caught up caught out there; strobe lights flash at the disco inferno while they dance with the devil..wishes, dreams, and hopes unfulfilled!

Floating down streams of consciousness...the vehicle wasn't an old Ford Probe...I was rolling in the Buick Regal..please believe a bruh!! what's the deal with this? I took Rev Jesse Jackson's advice and kept hope alive; I know God is in the blessing business; so I chilled!

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