Friday, September 23, 2011

Falling Through...Moving Forward...

What it do? we're falling the falling satellite? moving forward never backwards! 

Trying to move past the roadblocks and obstacles; you know some folk "still ain't right"....word from Troy Davis...we're peeping game; seeing how that works! 

How will some behave with this? will they get knocked out like Mike Vick was? who'll last until the end of the game..showing stamina? damn bruh that hurts is heard from those with excuses! 

O-Dizzle rocked out during the ongoing chaos and confusion..damn!! I thought that was normal; I've got all kinds of cuts, scars, and bruises!

Intergalactic cruises were taken across the galaxy in motherships without help from NASA; an updated version of the Smokey Robinson agenda! 

A fanatic loses his money, mind, body, and spirit; he was supposedly a playa playa..but we found out he was just a pretender!

What's up with it? Post office cutbacks delay the letter being returned to the sender!

Going postal was an option for some; thrown in the melting pot after being in the blender! 

This sonic defender is through with the fiesta!! now its time to fall through! 

Listening to R Kelly's is'll get the best of judges render a verdict like I was a Sandinista; but I found a portal to slide or crawl through! 

Judgements were passed because I wasn't fashionista; balling wasn't what I do! 

....I wasn't subject to the authority..thought and fashion police were out of their jurisdiction; this bruh knew what it do!

.....Now I move forward never backwards; as we proceed! 

Work is put in blue collar style!! that's how it works; true indeed!

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