Sunday, September 11, 2011

Business As Usual.. We Were Wise To The Set Up...No Justice No Peace...

No justice no peace is the slogan; check Hurricane Irene or even Tropical Storm Lee.. were even under attack by forces of nature!

Whats up with us...what's the deally?  please!! were just trying to get open; like Michael Jackson said its only Human Nature!

As we study nature and the grand scheme of things; like the Hadron Collider searches for the God Particle! 

Snitches will fake ya..hating on these freedom riders!! damn!! we're just showing them what having God in your heart can do!

Life is hectic!! check it out.. in New York theres a moment of silence on the 9/11 anniversary; reality can make it hard for you to take it to the next level!

Life is hectic!!...some see how foul it is...facing malice..soon were caught up caught out there; dealing with the next devil!

....But on so many levels we played ourselves; hanging out...all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness! 

Winds gust here in Atlanta due to Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee..are they winds of change blowing signalling an end to summer madness?

Whats up with us? now were Falling Through..we did it like this and we did it like trying to be easy like this Sunday Morning..word from the Commodores...whats the by product?

No justice no peace was the outcome so I pulled out the good word and the drum; now check my conduct!

So what's up with us? please!! admitting we didn't conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion..

So what's up with us? please!! we couldn't go along with the program...the status's business as usual; with the machine? we're still clashing...

So what's up with us? please!! we're Coming Out Fresh with a brand new batch..cashing reality checks and making sound effects...

Word from Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh.....are we sick with it when we kick it? naw man!! but close to society disrespects..

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