Friday, August 14, 2015

The Outback Chronicles: Clean Up Hitting

Chilling out;  I was outback on the deck cleaning up, plus reflecting / contemplating. 

Also cleanup hitting like I was batting fourth in the lineup; cleaning up situations on so many different levels!! this is the aftermath after doing the math per I-20 Chronicles!!  there's no so called GOP issue debating. 

As I go forth!!  I'm last laughing then frowning after I found out about things; damn!!  there's always something. 

As I go forth I'm taking another path up in this thing!!  I was all up in the spot cleaning that situation up,  but now I'm On My Own like Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald!! oh!!  trying to do a little *something something*  

But coping strategies fail, so now I'm going through a little *something something* damn!! per Keith Sweat *something something just ain't right*  you know the devil is opposing!!  I'm winning and losing battles. 

....Like mosquitoes trying to turn my backyard into *Mosquitoville* the arch nemesis was on the premises; but  they'll get repelled when the O-Dog funk in the hooptie makes the trunk rattle.

This is no Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!! now dogs that were in my backyard scatter!!  they were back here trying to fornicate. 

Plus squirrels were trying to get  a nut or two as  seasons / reasons change;  so this is how they do,  it's a natural thing so I can't hate. 

....As long as they stay off the roof,  not being arrogant or aloof;  that's not natural

Staying strong!! these outback chronicles provide scientific proof!!  like Monsanto GMO foods other endeavors weren't natural. 

Not playing the truth game when I *holla atcha* who'll understand a Negro? fools line up to be devil's advocates, now I'm batting fourth in the lineup!!

Cleanup hitting!! outback on the deck cleaning up; reflecting and contemplating!! going forth!! the devil / system was mad because I didn't sign up!!

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