Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hungry and Thirsty On This Throwback Thursday

It was like  Donald Trump on the bully pulpit or stump; we heard belligerence!!  some are damning us if we did or didn't;  but we keep moving due to the hunger and thirst  / we won't stop / *we get it get it*

We're all up in the these debatable circumstances;  being built or torn down? *Feeling The Vibe*  sideways glances / side eyes tell the story, plus ongoing episodes;  we get it....

Devil dances were going down at the disco inferno; it's all the way live like Lakeside!!  so what's up?  it's like North and South Korea exchanging fire..

Devil dances were going down at the disco inferno!! like Pops would always say somebody lied!! like Serena Williams said, some are not worried about  Cookie and Lucious they're worried about the other Empire!!

Next level advances are made based on what we learned bro!!  we're in survival mode  like we're dealing with ISIS in Cairo! we noticed some were trying to live without light; that's not part of the Natural Process..

Next level advances are made based on what we learned bro!! check out the arrival, during the ongoing crisis we're not trying to be a *Fly Negro*  I heard some say "the light will blind us"

Don't mind us though;  We're just going through it / coming through it; what? the Grey Area Scenario;  check the style, funky fresh in the flesh?

Doing what we do; acting like we knew it, as we're *Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch*

Things warm up like Ashley Madison clientele, it's like catching hell; it's like being in the  Western Wildfire...

*We're Going In* actually in it now up to our necks!! but we're doing what we do!!putting it down until the shot clock expires..

Whatcha knowing? officials, umpires and Hunger Game Peacekeepers disrespect; gunfire erupts!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!! 

Whatcha knowing? hunger and thirst shown on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday; information wasn't overloaded...

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