Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Scriptures and Mixtures PT. 8 (The HumpDay Extravaganza)

 Check out these scriptures and mixtures!! it's going down!! this is the *HumpDay Extravaganza*

Checking out these pictures and images in my mind; per the Parliament / Funkadelic Bop Gun we're trying to get over the hump!! understand a brah? 

Endangered species like they mentioned? per Sandra Bland in Texas and Samuel Dubose in Cincinnati we shouldn't be stumped by that question!!

In danger because of this thesis? apprehension felt after realizing how complex the sport is! chilled in Texas and Cincinnati for a minute or two, but I wasn't feeling the vibe!! these days? this good word is dropped plus the beats bumped!! I'm on a mission!!
In the danger zone; now in the A-Town / ATL / Atlanta, that's where the mothership landed a brah!!  jack and dope boys carry burners or toasters;  I saw dude that was shot a few years ago, .he's only 28 years old  and now in a wheelchair....

In the danger zone like Ferguson, you heard son? a brotha will stay down for the cause!! admitting I had to pause for the cause after ear shattering gunshots exploded;  the Situation Is Out Of Control!! but I didn't leave, I'm still here...

We're working it out cousin, son or daughter!! check out what the Sonic Assault will do, we had work to do!!! we're moving on like Jupiter to Virgo!!

The Great Red Spot decreasing, but out in the street dude has the AK-47 / the stick;  the red dot is increasing,  so what will they do to ya?

Great Scott!! jokers are acting like they knew ya!!  we had to let you know what's up with these scriptures and mixtures!!

Jokers plot and scheme like wanting to see the Hillary Clintons server; on this Hump Day who will work with ya? they'll be like Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde with the potion / elixir!!

Images and pictures are uploaded after observing the scene; soon I'll be ready to roll, I'm on my way!!now check out this Humpday Extravaganza...

They tried to say me and my peeps didn't follow the protocol..but we proceed and continue!!  we're bringing the scriptures and mixtures; this good word plus  funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul to y'all!!  in spiritual warfare?..this is how I get down; understand a brah?

*Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch*  we keep hope alive like Jesse once said, it never diminishes...

*Taking Care Of Business*  please believe me, what a brotha starts?..he finishes..

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