Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Outback Chronicles: Grass Cutting

This is another edition of the Outback Chronicles,  I'm chilling out;  I'm outback on my deck.

 Just got through cutting grass trying to spot snakes that are on deck.

Midnight Star mentioned them; oh!! that group?  they were repping Louisville, Cincinnati and Dayton but I digress!! meanwhile jokers were cutting class!!  they weren't able to do the knowledge!! now they're caught up in the system / matrix.

 I wasn't wishing on a star per Rose Royce!! from Texas with Sandra Bland to Cincinnati per Samuel Dubose so called authorities made the wrong choice!! now O-Dog is cutting fast when beats were chopped up,  but the portal was blocked or stopped up!!  O-Zone deals with glitches in the matrix. 

The devil will oppose!! Not trying to shake it fast per Mystikal!!  please!! the honeys need to show him what they're working with. 

I'm taking a break from Mystic Voyages;  usually on I-20 Chronicle type of business here in Atlanta, rolling solo!!  there's nobody to work with. 

It ain't my fault per Silkk The Shocker!!  I'm not responsible for these or those!!  don't blame me for stuff like Republicans do Obama. 

 I'm just a beat rocker!!  I didn't follow the pied piper!!  misery loves company;  check the drama. 

Peace out to Roddy Piper as his protege Hulk Hogan cuts up, but Dwayne Johnson the Rock defends him. 

Please!!  it's rough out here!! but we fight back with the broken beats O-Dog cuts up; oh that brotha rocks, check how he blends them

...Plus we have this scripture or code,  I'm in chill mode / cooling; checking out the Bloodstone Natural High per this 90 degree Atlanta weather. 

Outback reflecting / contemplating;  intergalactic with it!! a bruh is on it!! but an Atlanta joker will say whatever. 

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