Monday, August 17, 2015

Scriptures and Mixtures PT.10 (Writing A Letter To Myself)

 It's going down!! we had to come back with more scriptures and mixtures!!

It's going down!! our backs are against the wall; trying to use a fresh view / fresh vision, but something is wrong with these pictures!!

Check these scriptures; I'm playing this like that Chi-Lites song,  I'm writing a letter to myself. 

This is not playeristic, plus no copyright infringement intended!! I'm not claiming rights or privileges!!  not enough money to bet on myself!! 

Not being selfish, but I'm trying to encourage myself  per Donald Lawrence, but I'm facing interference!! stop lights flash out here on the fringes when I try to move to the Eastside like the Jeffersons

Parliament Flashlight styling and profiling was opposed by authorities racial profiling!! it's going down from Sandra Bland in Texas to Samuel Dubose in the *Nati*,  preceded by Mike Brown in Ferguson. 

Insights provided by Oath Keepers in Ferguson? How's everything working son?  that's what I asked myself. 

Everything is not working son!! that's what this scripture is about!!  per writing this letter,  as questions answered themselves. 

Check the mixture!! funk is still pulled off of shelves!!  plus O-Zone still writes that code.

Breakbeat scientific business is still handled,  as we follow the street code. 

Rolling in a discreet mode!! hustles will get knocked like explosions in Bangkok!! I'm  writing this letter to myself as a reminder. 

Telling myself to stay on point as history repeats!! haters will clock,  where will we find ya?

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