Sunday, August 2, 2015

Synchronization PT. 9

We were rolling for a minute or two!!! flowing like The Mississippi or Ohio River!! or back to the beginning /  the real deal?  flowing like the The Euphrates and The Nile...

Historical / biblical per Genesis 15:18; so what it do? somebody said the Euphrates and Nile are drying up!! some will hate these, they said I'm lying up in this piece!!  the devil will oppose!! one who hates is foul!!

Class is back in session, oh!! we were out for a while due to summer vacation!!  but now we're back like these schools in Georgia!!  flowing....

Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics aka reality!! but some act foul with me!! there's no synchronzation with these fools in Georgia; so whatcha knowing?

Easy like Sunday Morning per Commodores; will that qualify man for sanctification? I get breakbeat scientific, but breaking rules in Georgia and other jurisdictions?

Hazardous Material packed when I come through these doors? facing UN sanctions like the Iran Nuclear Deal? Pulp or pure fiction? 

What we have is spiritual based on dealing with the economy; please!! we're out here cashing Reality Checks..

We continue to let you know what it do, even though we're out of sync with this world!! O-Dog will jam, check the Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering type of mixture;  in the lab? old vinyl, cassettes? he wrecks...

O-Zone rams some upside the head with the Sonic Blackjack, check the scripture as he's teaching them a lesson as these *New Type Gangsters*  keep stressing; as they do what they do..

Danger zone business? no more black presidents per Donald Trump?  game plan from another to prevent one from getting over the hump? that's what they do..

Acting like they knew; that's why this brotha is out of sync!! there's no synchronization!!

Acting like they knew; they'll even debate it like the GOP, but like Hall and Oates they're out of touch with the nation!!

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