Saturday, August 8, 2015

Still Taking Mystic Voyages / Journeys

What's up man? what will your mind do after facing the onslaught? per Roy Ayers this brotha was out there taking a Mystic Voyage

What's up man? they ask me / where can we find you? I'm down here in Atlanta dipping down I-20 where society will try to discourage..

What can I say? on one street I spot derelicts doing what they do  and on the next block over  was million dollar homes!!

*Recognize The Pattern*  when we modify the pattern!! scientific with it but haters fronted!!  like Donald Trump kicked out of the RedState Gathering!! demands were made!! some will shoot up the spot like James Holmes!!

What's up Holmes? check the blues  like Bobby Blues Bland's or B.B King!! everybody has them, the morale seems low....

What's up Holmes? Sandra Bland or even Samuel Dubose episodes show us the devil still opposed!! you didn't know? you didn't ask a bro!!  

I continue to flow through the universe on mystic voyage; rolling down the street where religions expressed opposing viewpoints...

Spotted the Cambodian Buddhist Temple on the same street as the Southern Baptist church; putting in good works? who anoints?

I'm near the hood, bearing witness to what a pimp will do!! out there trying to make points in the crap game in the neighborhood Las Vegas or Atlantic City like casino!!

I'm near the hood, but not at Steve Harvey's Neighborhood Awards!! I'm  bearing witness to what a pimp will do per Creflo Dollar when he tries to *holla*  trying to cash out like he's at the casino!!

I'm from the hood!! not Straight Outta Compton but repping Louisville / Newburg...

So what's good? that's what the purpose of this Mystic Voyage is; with the ill ones? I didn't merge..

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