Monday, August 24, 2015

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!! PT. 2

*Funky Fresh In The Flesh*  entering attack zones with this Sonic Assault!!  check the O-Dog's Podcast; that's what's up...

We were fired on  like ISIS in Palmyra destroying temples!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  like North Korea conducting tests  rockets even go up...

During the ongoing crisis? I'm low on cash / cashing *Reality Checks* any resolution like North vs South Korea?  check the Wall Street mass hysteria as the corrupt have the economy messed up worldwide..

This is for real!! This is for real!! after the Mothership crashed on earth I see how these earthlings slip and slide!! but we'll proceed and continue to get you open / check out how we ride....

Broken beats and broken English collide in the mix as we get *BreakBeat Scientific*  this is for real / this is for real..

Broken spirits per the pain and anguish have me asking questions like Jay Gruden vs RG3, so what's the deal? 

Shady Ashley Madison type deals will leave some out in the cold..

It'll be over with like Pink Floyd, back in the day they said homie looked like Sleepy Floyd!! damn!! that's cold... 

It's cold out here!! we're wishing it was a simple thing, but this thing is for real!!

It's cold out here!! we couldn't sing a simple song like Sly and The Family Stone!! this thing is for real!! 

That's the deal!! the player / pimp had it all wrong in this danger zone, the system had him geeked up, telling him to play on player!!

This is for real!! this is for real!! jokers were worried about *getting fleek*  up in this thing, I had to say a prayer..

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