Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Scattered Thoughts Selected At Random After Reckless Abandon

Thoughts were scattered, but a brotha had to regroup;  now thoughts are selected at random.

The mothership has landed, but now the vessel was bruised and battered out there in the stream of consciousness;  due to reckless abandon? 

Was there a mutiny on the bounty? damn!!  where have you found me?  I'm down here on earth trying to cash a reality check.

What it do?  earthlings were really  devil's advocates; they're opposing!! I heard ear shattering gunshots!! they were exploding  while this captain was on deck.

This is the next chapter; * Moving Forward never backwards*  dipping through the galaxy at a High Velocity but with the speed you need.

O-Zone was like Stephen Hawking studying black holes and dark matter as the Dark Mystery of Time and Space is contemplated and reflected on, while O-Dog is the chef in souls kitchen;  the hungry he'll feed.

Rebuking chefs in Hell's Kitchen, playing with black souls like Ben Carson vs #blacklivesmatter!!  you know they'll feed the masses meals that lack nutrition

Please!!  my people find out there are no free lunches even though they had hunches, they were out there waiting  in the dark;  I didn't roll with these jokers I kept the vehicle in park; I didn't play a part in the John Dean type Blind Ambition

Blind ambition like a Republican!!  Jeb Bush vs Donald Trump? meanwhile I'm trying to get over the hump, and it's not the middle on the week as I type this..

What's up brother man? dude asked me, acting like he was high off that dry kush, stumped by reality with the bleak outlook, finding out what the hype is!! 

Ripe is the product of this secret garden; hush!! somebody is calling my name...

Check the conduct, staying a step ahead of the devil with this!! check out this next level business!! word from a veteran in the game..


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