Sunday, August 30, 2015

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!! PT. 6 ( It's Out Of Control)

Dude said he was Going In / Getting It In, but just as soon as he came through the door?  *Suspicion Was Aroused*

Ear Shattering Gunshots Exploded!!! it was like bombs exploding in Bangkok, haters said they'd rock!! somebody would get housed..

Ear Shattering Gunshots Exploded!!! all up in the house? the situation is out of control!! it's like lockdown situations / capital punishment facing  Shannon Miles down in Texas for  shooting the deputy...

Some stay devoted, somebody mentioned the Stockholm Syndrome; now jokers were micro-chipped / bar coded!!  *All Up In The House*  carrying water / carrying weed, true indeed; so what can you expect from me?

This is for real!! this is for real when this breakbeat science is dropped!! the Capitol is astonished by it so Hunger Games Peacekeepers roll up, but they're not beauty beholders!!

True indeed!!  some are tripping out in pursuit of the capital per Wall Street  / Capitol per GOP Presidential candidates!! the devil and his advocates will try to fold us...

True indeed,  but some are trying to act bolder like Al Jazeera reporters; but Egypt will come hotter..
This is for real!! this is for real!! who's in NSA folders per Edward Snowden? in the database?  or maybe fifteen minutes of fame in the police blotter? 

This is for real!! this is for real!! you'll get jacked up / folded like Reggie Bush!! but some will talk jump like they're quoting scriptures from the #TrumpBible  like they smoked that dry kush; it gets stereotypical..

What it do? others are like TrumpDisco with the War Horn; who's liable? what's really going on? from Iraq to Syria per ISIS  *The Situation Is Critical*

What it do?  this is for real!! this is for real!! even old dude, security like Otis on Martin shouted...."look-a-here"

What it do? this is for real!! this is for real!! yes!! yes!!  this thing is serious!! looked at with vision that's clear...


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