Monday, August 3, 2015

Synchronization PT. 10 (I Wasn't Plugged In)

O-Dog never waited; sacrificing, but he kept it moving!!  he put it down / he never fronted..

Not fronting like Donald Trump and his constituents, or like hood representatives aka cons selling opiates and barbiturates!! O-Zone gathered and hunted!!

Beats will thump, we're *Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch*  but due to lack of synchronization we're confronted..

Trying to get over the hump, but caught up in bad situations like wildfires out in California fueled by the wind and drought!! growth stunted? 

Some lusted due to *Californication* now the land is raped of it's resources!! soon people are micro-chipped and bar coded; now we're all hunted by clones, cyborgs and other surrogates..

While others tripped out we kept it street coded; so you know I wasn't plugged into the system, I wasn't in sync!! a bruh is knowing the mode of one who hates...

Admit it; I tripped out; Intergalactic with it like the New Horizons out by Pluto; rolling out in a Space Module aka Mothership!!

Taking pictures like the Hubble did of the Lagoon Nebula region; not faking with these mixtures and scriptures!!  what will the style be? I'm covering it!!

Some were sick with it like Legionaires disease in the NYC; Due to lack of synchronization a brotha wasn't with it;  what will the style be? I wasn't plugged in!!

Not Tripping Out or Flipping Out even though it was an option due to Louisville / Newburg default settings; that was the jurisdiction I supposedly thugged in....

Some were slipping out ahead like they had it going on!! they'll get mugged in those streets as O-Dog swings the Sonic Blackjack...

Teaching some a lesson!! *everybody ain't able* so we lack synchronization with matrix architect alt shift delete agendas!! I'm not plugged into that!!

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