Friday, August 28, 2015

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real PT. 4 (But We're All In)

What's really going on? This is for real!! this is for real!! we're all in,  trying to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. 

Sometimes it's vice versa;  what did the curse do?  matrix architects will hit alt shift delete. 

Damned if  you did ot didn't? oh yes!! they'll still curse you!! word on the curb?  Wall Street will rally, but its still rough out in these street!!  we're ball hawking on defense like we're old school UNLV per Jerry Tarkanian or Georgetown with John Thompson, but sometimes were our own worst enemies.

This is for real!! this is for real!! from my street to *y'alls  street* check out what we do to ourselves, with the self inflicted injuries. 

This is for real!! this is for real!! R.I.P to Darryl Dawkins / Chocolate Thunder I heard he checked out; we also checked out so we could renew ourselves but we're still here / we're all in, but back on Louisville / Newburg default settings after we hit the reset button. 

O-Zone is studying black hole mysteries like Stephen Hawking but he almost wrecked out on the information highway!!  was there an information overload for a knowledge glutton? 

What's up son? from Baltimore to Ferguson to Charleston it's rough out here!!  the Rabbi rolled up preaching to the choir,  but I didn't cut him off. 

What's up son? how was it working?  he didn't lie so I didn't shoot the messenger and then we said a prayer; please!  I wasn't trying to be cut off! 

...from God's unchanging hand / he has a plan! what's up man?  I'm all in,  learning to let go. 

This is for real!! this is for real!! we're playing the odds;  He had the winning hand!!  damn!!  I knew that from the get go!!

This is for real!! this is for real!! we're playing these squads of devils advocates that roll up;  he had a caste of thousands. 

It's going down! now *we're all in*  dropping this good word;  O-Dizzle will hip hop / funk them /  rock out or even house them. 

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