Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Scriptures and Mixtures PT.4

 Check these scriptures and mixtures!! I mentioned tripping out on my satellite station; like California wildfires it's full blown!!
Others skipping out, oh they were partying and taking vacations but check the mortgage;  three months behind!!  who tried to warn ya? Michael McDonald and Patti Labelle mentioned being on their own...

Others *Flipping Out*  souls were bankrupted / mortgaged!! Corrupted like 2016 GOP candidates!!  when we landed on earth /  entered attack zones ear shattering gunshots exploded..

Flipping out....the next candidates / contestants for cabinet positions in the drama kingdom / regime? some are programmed like clones; micro-chipped / bar coded..

Ripping out this prose from the yellow legal pad!! it's filled with black marks from the Papermate..

Dipping out of the garage!! funk  was extracted from CD's, cassettes and vinyl like DNA; Sonic / genetic engineering!! unlike GMO content in food; corporations like Monsanto will  hate..

Mystic Voyage taken!! oh, I was out there but now I'm back down to earth, reciting the Captain's Log like Captain Kirk from the Starship Enterprise!!

Earthlings were visibly shaken like residents of Baltimore due to the increased violence, hopes fade for those that survive..

All the way live like Lakeside!!  activist say they knew the score, it's a prelude to martial law repelling the insurgence..

We're futuristic like Insurgent with these scriptures and mixtures!! Mechanical Engineering  / blue collar style...that's how we work this..

We're using sonic detergent to clean this thing up!! it's an emergency, urgent moves made to fight the corrupt!!

How were we working it? check these scriptures and mixtures to see what's up!! 

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