Saturday, August 29, 2015

This Is For Real!! This Is For Real PT.5 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

Going In;  now I'm *All Up In The House*  in here *Taking Care Of Business*  actually? we're already in it now, up to our necks...

Going In; but This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!! they caught me on the way back in,  *caught up in the system / matrix?* now I get taxed, plus the economy is jacked up, now all I'm cashing is Reality Checks...

I deal with it, I'm intergalactic interacting with extraterrestrials!! now down on earth slipping through the cracks, knowing opposition will be met!! some haven't *Stopped Hatin*

....In The Spot Where *Reason Gave Way To Madness*  like the GOP Presidential candidates some haven't stopped debating..

Plus they scheme and plot, but I stopped waiting for the truth to be told, plus I didn't hold my breath!!  some we're boisterous like Donald Trump!! that's how they act...

They scheme and plot like Federal Reserve at Jackson Hole!!  I became suspicious,  I see how they roll!!  shady business is going down!!  *Shady Like Grady*  networks they hack.. Ashley Madison!! shady business from Wall Street to Madison Avenue, This Is For Real!! This Is For Real!!

What's happening Captain? logs are updated at my satellite station to let you know the deal!!

It get's way too real!! the Sheriffs Deputy is shot out in Harris County Texas!! Police and Security guards speak into walkie-talkies /  security cameras capture images..

It get's way too real!!! some find out how complex the sport is, but we continue to do what we do!!  the saga / struggle continues!! stamina is needed to fight the ongoing scrimmages..

We were damned if we did or didn't do this!!! please!! we know there'll be adversity..

This is for real!! This is for real!! there's always something there to remind us like Hurricane Katrina's ten year anniversary!!

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