Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Scriptures and Mixtures PT. 7 (Weapons In This Spiritual Warfare)

This dude is Droppin Knowledge, but from places like Blogster I receive eviction notices...

The mothership usually gets good mileage, but I'm barely hanging in here!! updating this Captain's Log, putting down these scriptures!!   I was drinking Grape Kool-Aid and eating ramen noodles when I wrote this..

But I made the Kool-Aid,  I didn't drink the Jonestown Jim Jones elixir that was offered!! .

It wasn't cool!! what? the charade!! O-Dog / O-Zone will fight back with the beat and the prose; check the scripture and the mixture!! we'll go off with it!!

What's Up With It? O-Zone had a host of ideas running through his mind!! he'll play with the Alphabet like Google!!

What it do? *The Situation Is Critical*  who'll respect ya? in light of what happened / per Ferguson  we'll have to step up security, but Oath Keepers act brand new with ya!!

But we're back with ya!!  we're able to Recognize The Pattern!! O-Dog realized he had other capacities, so it's going down, the cycle will be broken...

Back with ya, with the Sonic Assault!!  like Donald Trump vs the GOP foes are scattering!!  they'll get fragged with scripture and mixture;  the English and beats that are broken...

Bruising and battering the enemy!!  *Steady Bombardment Of Their Position* but it's just a token;  to the masses? we're showing appreciation...

The sport is complex; we're losing and winning on the homefront / frontines;  please!! it's rough out here!! who's  hip to the situation / the depreciation?

Tried to slide through the portal, but caught up a vortex!! damn!!  any deviation will be costly; things are Out Of Control..

*We're All Up In The House*  with the scripture and mixture!! dropping this good word plus house music, funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul..

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