Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Scriptures and Mixtures PT.5 (Affected by 90 Degree Weather?)

 It's going down, even though it's a hot 90 degree day in Atlanta!! who will understand a bruh? some will say whatever!!

Sounding like Mexico will pay for a wall per Donald Trump, but I'm trying to get over the hump since it is Hump Day, even though it's hard to play in this 90 degree weather!! 

I'm not trying to play with y'all this thing is serious!! knowing what the deal is!! surrounding SouthSide Atlanta  mini-mansions we're dumps off Moreland Avenue and Bouldercrest in Dekalb County!! environmental racism to go along with other aspects? 

We're on the case son per these scriptures and mixtures; mixtures melting due to the hot weather? parts found out by Reunion Island like MH370? we're looking for other aspects!!

Intergalactic? Oh Yes!! We're *Moving At A High Velocity* but we've got the speed you need..

But some can't catch what they can't understand; opposition is met from the streets of Atlanta to even Google Algorthms , true indeed!!

We continue to batch up fresh new batchs in GodSpeed!! but haters mention Hazardous Material,  saying O-Dog has foul rhythms!! but that's not how it's played!!

We continue to deal with foul systems; you heard us? it's even intergalactic even though Mars in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio!!  New Horizons did a drive by out by Pluto?  it's not a planet?  that's a charade!!

Who will work with us? what it do? Venus is retrograde also!! karmic repercussions fall on a bro!!  but I know how the game is played..

Able to Recognize The Pattern!!  egos? reality is bruising and battering!! that's why a brotha prayed

Able to recognize the pattern as James Holmes disciples attack theatres from Louisiana to Nashville!! representing a struggle that's real? that's why there's *Spiritual Significance In These Operations*

Everybody's not able Holmes!! the system is bruising and battering them and those! but some turn dials and hit buttons, they're punishment gluttons..

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