Monday, August 31, 2020

Record Shop [Jazz Hop / Lofi / Chill Mix]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; we were O-Dog Day Partying earlier but now we're Afternoon Jazzing, dealing with these mood swings..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on / toil and strife goes on; it's rough out here!! my people are in need of the nourishment soul food brings...

Others are out here dealing with What A Fool Believes like the Doobie Brothers, then they're caught up in what the fool brings to the table...

Check the status, dealing with the apparatus plotting / scheming on what to do with these brothas and sistas!! soon they're caught up in the system / matrix due to the fable...

The old sister up in Louisville said "Everybody Ain't Able" some are unstable but O-Zone was able to slide through the portal knowing the knowing how this sport would go; now we're in the lab chilling getting breakbeat scientific..

We didn't miss it, cooling out like we're at an old school record shop listening to Record Shop [Jazz Hop / Lofi / Chill Mix] courtesy of the Jazzhop Cafe; check out the playlist and the mix..

00:00 Snooze - Afraid To Sleep
02:13 Nuver - Back in Time
03:38 DOMINANT - Butterfly Breeze
06:07 JAKSPIN & Harrison Smith - One for Roy
08:02 Namzzo - When Summer Comes (Ft Alkylees)
11:16 C4C - Serene (Ft. Flitz&Suppe)
14:04 SkyBlew & SublimeCloud - The Transcending! (Instrumental)
16:41 Bluejay - Window Watching
21:11 RINZ. & Letter10 Beats - Moka
22:45 namzzo - Morning Walk
25:14 Alex Hine - springtime
27:29 Remulak & Broey. - Glass Houses
30:09 Daphné - Life As You Knew It
32:12 Scottie Royal - Coffees at Sunrise
33:53 Mantrick - Touching Clouds
36:22 Snooze - Our Last Chance
38:26 Elior & eaup - winterglow

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