Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Information / Inspiration Was Provided (Part One)

September has pulled up on us, God blessed us with a bonus!! now per 2 Timothy 2:15 we're studying to show ourselves approved...

Doing the knowledge / putting work in during this Virgo Season!! we're hunting / gathering information then analyzing the information for the prognosis; at the end of the day?  O-Zone showed / proved..

Breaking news is soon provided by these breakbeat scientists leading to a transformation; hopefully inspiration is provided

Smoke and mirror views obscured the vision, delaying the public transportation/ transformation  but upon arrival? jokers are all up in the spot where good and evil collided / coincided..

Jokers who provided horror and terror scenarios confided with each other, information provided indicated that Biden should have a Sista Souljah moment...

For what? trying to put jokers in check like Clinton supposedly did back in the day? actually that's where Clinton lost me, along with his collaboration with Biden on the crime bill  even though crime was out of control back then some of y'all know the deal!! they mentioned the mistakes they made implementing the bill per the collateral damage; during the ongoing charade?  90's rappers gave Trump a ghetto pass and  claimed Clinton was the first Black president; this soldier recognized they were part of the evil opponent..

Inspiration was provided, seeing these jokers were trying to front on mine!! we're facing opposition from the Trump Crime Syndicate but we're dealing with it; supposedly about law and order but he's really out of order!!  in the midst of the ongoing disorder we're handling  business before it handles me!

Information is provided, due to this pandemic we're chilling out in the compound on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way;  moves are soon made we're rolling into September, this Summer Madness like Kool and The Gang is still ongoing so we're going for what we're knowing!!  if I do or don't somebody damns me!

Inspiration is provided  to compose this good word and let the music play!! chilling is where you found me in this remote outpost in Atlanta!!  in the background I hear traffic running up and down I-20.

Transformation occurs after the devil opposed me,  due to technical difficulties / lights blinking on the instrument panel  the mothership stranded me on earth;  now dealing with these earthlings calling themselves trying to run me!

Information provided? realizing that its on me;  Inspiration Provided? spotted the First Light per Freddie Hubbard and Joe Henderson!

Dealing with the madness;  dropping this insight, check us out!! we're back with this!! we're good word dropping and beat blending!! 

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