Sunday, September 6, 2020

Information / Inspiration Was Provided (Part Three)

Damn!! here we go again, getting breakbeat scientific, trying to find the prognosis by analyzing the information..

Damn!! here we go again!! we're providing the forensic rhetoric in prescribed doses, hopefully this will provide inspiration..

...retro - futuristic so deliberative rhetoric is provided out here where good and evil collided / coincided ..

Going ballistic due to the information provided from Louisville to Portland to Rochester as so called authorities stressed my constituents; with them? they collided

Going ballistic due to the information provided!! back in the sport again emerging with this good word while O-Dizzle is blending the brand new funk!

Being realistic, now inspiration is provided, after getting in John Lewis good trouble now putting in good work blue collar style in the ATL; Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday? ATLiens said we're getting crunk!

...especially on this Labor Day Holiday Weekend? ATLiens out in those streets again from Buckhead to Edgewood; meanwhile up in Louisville Derby Day celebrations we're disrupted per the Breonna Tyalor case being corrupted!!  just like O-Zone hanging with the  brothas in Louisville behind the liquor store getting drunk?  plus backwoods was in the atmosphere?

Naw!! fruits of labor harvested,  Sunday morning type knowledge was dropped by the brothas, so whats the score? information was provided now  brothas gonna work it out like Willie Hutch!!  from the backwoods of Kentucky to the red clay of Georgia  we see everything that's moving / we see that life is not fair!

Check the behavior as inspiration is provided to deal with the toil and strife; here and there? it looks like we can't escape it!

Check the behavior as information / inspiration is provided as we continue to get breakbeat scientific check the good word that's dropped by O-Zone; check the sound; O-Dizzle will tape it!

Sunday Jazz will be dropped, throughout the week O-Dizzle blasted the  house music, funk plus he hip hopped..

Some spazzed, others stopped / chilled  as the information / inspiration is provided in the midst of the madness that hasn't stopped..

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