Sunday, September 13, 2020

Information / Inspiration Was Provided (Part Six)

It's going down, even on this Sunday morning!! I mentioned earlier we see everything that's moving!! now we're bearing witness to the information overload..

That Trump Crime Syndicate is all up in it!! from Covid 19 denial and 2020 election disinformation campaign to the no justice no peace illumination we can see they're in a corrupt mode..

Getting over the hump in these days and times has us basically in survival mode, check the information / inspiration provided; Mitch didn't have our money, corporations already looted the treasury / disrespected

...aided by McConnell and Steve Mnuchin, jokers were Minnie the Mooching per Cab Calloway but from another perspective

'It ain't hard to tell" per Nas,  plus it "ain't hard o fail" , who's not surprised? "holla at a player" if you feel me!! we're all going through it!

Coping strategies failing ya? overworked while dealing with this pandemic?  we're all going through it!

What can I tell ya? plots and schemes were devised to play on the masses; jokers call themselves conducting master classes; act like you knew it!!

What can I tell ya? information / inspiration is provided to the masses as we conduct these breakbeat scientific classes; thought and fashion police said we were classless; acting brand new with it  / acting like we knew it

Acting nefarious? shrewd / cunning / clever / arrogant? they wanted to see us crash and burn; skies full of smoke like the West Coast Wildfires...

Soul food is provided for the masses,  check the menu based on what we've  been through; breakbeat science is dropped, that's what we're on!! putting it down before the shot clock expires..

So rude when we launch this sonic assault / steady bombardment of the enemy position? 

...considered hazardous material but what we have is spiritual; information / inspiration is provided, this is how we're living..

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