Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Information / Inspiration Was Provided (Part Four)

Writing this on what I refer to a a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way..

Enlightening the masses with this, class is in session!! O-Dizzle will teach some a lesson with the sonic blackjack or conduct a funk seminar; it can play out either way..

Information is provided hopefully healing the scar as the healing process begins!  taking affective action,  hopefully the madness ends..

Inspiration is provided, O-Zone will drop this good word after scattered thoughts are collected!! my people are disrespected in these 2.0 badlands!!

Transition / Transformation provided? it occurred,  now these sonic assaults are unleashed!! check the steady bombardment...

Transmissions slipped in the transportation, the old school Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme aka the Cut Dog but shady dealings didn't corrupt O-Dizzle aka O-Dog while in the hostile territory, even though that's the behavior in the heart of it..

Ambitions in overdrive? gathering the information by doing the mathematics, but will it qualify a dude for sanctification?

Jamming!! all the way live!! inspiration provided but opposed by fanatics? senseless like US vs ICC prosecutor sanctions? .

Damning us if we do or don't but we didn't back down!! we came back around avoiding those that'll throw us under the bus!! from  Louisville to Kenosha to Portland to Rochester check the marches for justice!!  the ongoing negative actions by the system was a bit too much for us!! who's sad about the outcome?

We came back with the sound; a weapon used during the interaction with the ill faction; like revving up the Rochester carburetor O-Dizzle pulled out the drum!

...cuts and samples accommodated it, breakbeat scientific as information is provided while O-Zone summed up the consequences.

Inspiration provided?  he already told the masses about that astro turf on the other side of the fences!

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