Monday, June 5, 2017

Transition / Transformation PT..4

 We're in transition!! rolling like the Golden State Warriors!! Cleveland Cavalier types don't know what to do with us...

Check the transformation of these spiritual warriors!! showing no fear!! at the end of the day? some might act like they knew us!!

Check the situation; we're letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!!  I gave them time to get their minds right. 

Check the situation; new jack hustlers / swingers soon take time to analyze the 20 / 20 hindsight. 

Some will jack their body /  they'll move on when the time is right!! they're not worried about another's fake ass Facebook or Instagram posts!! meanwhile  others were waiting in the dark

Some have the knack for survival!!  going face to face with a crook trying to jam frequencies? please!!  they're not worried about the late arrival,  vehicles weren't in park. 

The Kanye West Late Registration didn't bother them!! the drama didn't smother them!!  check the transition / transformation! soon they're all up in the spot. 

Stressed by legislation or executive orders concerning travel bans?  it doesn't bother them / the drama doesn't smother them!! I told you they're all up in the spot!! 

Stressed!!  the hating was unraveling some,  like Trump vs London's Mayor Sadiq Khan. 

Blessed!!  what it do? minds are traveling, check the transition / transformation!! we're  getting over the hump!! soon running things like Kublai and Genghis Khan.

Once again it's on!! we're in transition!!  a real Reality Winner as beats thump and the good word is dropped?

Check the transformation!! due to cosmic karma reality checks are cashed by reality losers!! meanwhile this dude cosmic slopped.

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