Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Transition / Transformation PT.5 (Terrible / Terrific Tuesday)

Your dude is in transition, stranded out in the Babylon wilderness!! I already know what the deal is!! can I blame it on glitches in the matrix?

Check the ongoing transformation  after the mothership landed in the ATL aka on the A-Town planet!! others landed here still trying to front / flex with glamour and glitz!!  they'll just fake it.

Whatcha knowing? truth be told? I'm reaching the threshold, like Vic Beasley I'm ready to blitz the quarterback!!  they were anointed by the system!!  I'm hitting him up with the sack.

Smoke and mirrors show is ongoing!!! it's hard to carry on / stay calm / be easy!! I'm out in the fog and mist with guerillas like  Da Lench Mob and Ice Cube talked about, making some get back!

It's no joke in these areas!!! the storm is ongoing from  the London Bridge to Louisville to Atlanta, LA and The Bay Area;  on up to NYC.

It's no joke out in the grey areas check the scenario / do the knowledge!!  on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday things can go either way!! somebody might feel me.

Check the transition / transformation; the real me is exposed after I said f?#k those assholes like Shadow Moon's dead wife on American Gods..

 Check the transition / transformation; trying to stay composed in the midst of the madness per the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius!! low key, a behind the scenes player!!  I wasn't on these All American squads!!

Check the transition / transformation as I go against the odds; in transition per public transportation / transformation?   hmm, just saw the 86 Lithonia bus mentioned by OutKast in Elevators go by..

Check the transition / transformation!! maintaining per God being in control!!  per public transportation / transformation? I'm chilling moving at my own speed as I let the haters go by..

She keeps on passing me by per the Pharcyde? I guess, I just let the hustlers hustle and the players play... 

Staying positive is how I ride!! it'll determine the outcome of this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday..

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