Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hip-Hop Ridin ' Jazz Funk & Chillhop Beats

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're chilling out on a Sunday evening trying to recuperate...

Sunday type business continues per dealing with the madness!! in need of the anointing oil for the lubricate?

Old and new hate combine for the next dimension!! previously? I mentioned next level dramatics...

No clean slate? what's on their mind? some never paid attention so now they're next level fanatics...

A clean plate after eating the soul food / Sunday meal? next level mathematics dropped while listening to Hip-Hop Ridin ' Jazz Funk & Chillhop Beats 

Check out the playlist and the mix!! it's courtesy of  LTB Music you can use it because it's conducive!! it'll help us get our minds right!! it's rough out here in these streets!!

00:00 Shag - Coltrane (

02:22 Shag - Don't Know Where I'm Goin' (

05:04 Funkmammoth - We've All Made Mistakes (

07:37 Shag - Like The Day Before (

11:22 Blacksheep! - Hood Rich (

13:54 ALFABUNGA - Circle Small But We Dream Big (

17:32 Shag - Hearmedoe (

21:02 GlobulDub - Sweet Storm (

23:42 Kakes - Better Days (  

27:43 Sol'e - Where's The Sunshine (Ft. Santé - Pabzzz) (

32:32 Lakey Inspired - Summertime Love (

34:57 Lakey Inspired - Better Days (

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