Thursday, June 1, 2017

I'm Back With It I Wasn't Slack With It PT. 10

I'm back with it, I wasn't slack with it!! on this first day of June I started another one, due to being in the heart of one;  what?  a debatable circumstance. 

Being built or torn down?  freedom per Juneteenth? please!! you'll get jacked for it per the latest episode, a part of one!!  retreat or advance? 

Lebron James reminded some!! what's up son? some have bad cards dealt,  plus alt shift delete was the matrix architects mission. 

They're playing games homie!! they even mentioned upgrading the architecture like politicians mentioned millions for the infrastructure,  trying to make an impression. 

Per James Comey peeping game I paid attention,  even though I'm broke;  I'm Back With It I Wasn't Slack With It!! I'm not trying to fake the funk,  I'm on a mission. 

I'm not playing games homie, like failing to mention episodes with Russians like Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions!

Naw dude!!  class is in session,  I mentioned the sonic blackjack swinging!

Oops upside the head like the Gap Band!! damn!!  back in the day?  O-Zone was spitting / rapping man!  he wasn't singing!

These days?  snitches and whistleblowers were singing tunes,  like it's fashionable. 

These days? we're  rich with this breakbeat science!! jokers accuse us of being irrational.

We're back with it, we're not slack with it!! this is the concept finale but the saga / struggle continues!!

 We're back with it, we're not slack with it!! what's up with it? like I said, the saga / struggle continues!!


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