Saturday, June 3, 2017

Transition / Transformation PT.3

 Concepts are revisited like family reunions last weekend,  per Memorial Day..

Cons were with it!! drama is revisited like terror attacks at the London Bridge!! we respond by taking it to the bridge!! let the music play!!

 Conduits, portals, and bridges are negotiated while we're in transition!! seasons / reasons change per Memorial Day being the unofficial start of summer...

The Summer Solstice is on the way; will there be a transformation? treasons were rebuked, we don't play!! that's word from this funky drummer!!

Summer madness? hip hop, jazz, house music and soul music is played while digital crate digging,  per what we call Saturday Night Fever!! some jokers thought they were funky fresh in the flesh!!  like cut up Swishers was it a blunted reality? 

What's up with us? sonic assaults are unleashed!! check these funky soul brothers coming out fresh with a brand new batch!!  accused of having an elaborate fantasy. 

Accused of having fake news or alternative facts Donald Trump style!! but somebody will understand me when I go into funk mode!!  real with it based on ongoing circumstances. 

Atlanta is home base for wannabe macks and divas, fake as they cruise down I-20!! check the information overload due to debatable circumstances.

Being built or torn down?  haters wouldn't turn the level of scorn down but we proceed and continue, it's going down!! transformation of the motherlode requires breakbeat scientific knowledge. 

Bad cards are dealt by these gamblers out for a fast buck, mentioning a travel ban in the midst of the latest episode!!  they're foul with it. 

Bad hearts caused "ramblers off at the mouth" to snitch for a fast buck!! the transition / transformation will slow to a roll..

Bad starts caused Cleveland Cavalier types to loss games homie!! others got fired like James Comey but we kept it moving per the transition / transformation!! haters were heard saying slow your roll!! 


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