Thursday, June 8, 2017

Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 155 [#COTW155]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, but you should know how we do..

We take it back to the future; retro-futuristic, that's how we play!! this is how we do!!

Not acting brand new with ya!! this is how we do!! during the process? all elements of the sound are dealt with..

Electro, house music, future bass plus drum and bass!! stop the press, if a joker says we're not real with it..

Listening to Monstercat: Call of the Wild Ep. 155 [#COTW155] , a wild child just out here rocking..

O-Dizzle is a monster with that child!! check out the playlist and the mix!! we're outside the box with this thing!!

 🎹 Tracklist
00:00:42 Grabbitz - Don’t Stop
00:04:07 Slips & Slurs - Haunted
00:07:00 Kayzo - This Time
00:09:46 Dirty Audio - Alien Cookies [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:12:11 Pegboard Nerds - Pink Cloud (ft. Max Colins) (JumoDaddy Remix)
00:16:08 Tut Tut Child - If I Could (ft. Beth Cole) [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:19:01 Noisestorm - Leaving Now
00:22:46 Feint - Homebound [Monstercat Throwback]
00:26:05 ARUNA & Rameses B - Ready to Go (ft. Kingdøms)
00:30:47 Rameses B - Virtuality
00:35:22 F.O.O.L - Fairytaler
00:38:27 RIOT - Disorder
00:41:27 Tokyo Machine - ROCK IT [Rocket League Exclusive]
00:44:23 Stonebank - Step Up (ft. Whizzkid)
00:49:08 Trivecta - Into The Limelight (ft. Danyka Nadeau)
00:53:23 Tut Tut Child - Just A Dream (ft. Tasha Baxter)
00:58:07 Seven Lions & Echoes - Cold Skin (Koven Remix) [Monstercat Exclusive]

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