Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Black Science Orchestra - Save Us (Ashley Beedle's Disco Throwback Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! this is alternative programming for those not watching the BET Awards...

Spiritual warfare continues, how did we work it? not slow jamming!! we're out in the Babylon wilderness placing bets with machetes and swords...

Spiritual warfare continues, how did we work it? we're on the boards like Hassan Whiteside!! we're rebounding from bad episodes..

Chilling out / cooling out!! rolling out down I-20 in Atlanta  in Honda Accords exercising our right to ride for freedom, but not in Breaking Bad modes..

Chilling out / cooling out!! breaking beats and English while listening to some disco jazz from The Black Science Orchestra with a track called  Save Us (Ashley Beedle's Disco Throwback Remix) 

I posted the funky music version earlier so who'll work with a bro? please excuse this black man for getting breakbeat scientific, I'm  not trying to spaz on anybody!! I'm doing this for the people!! futuristic, but  check the Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday knowledge I kick!!

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