Thursday, September 10, 2020

Information / Inspiration Was Provided (Part Five)

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on / toil and strife goes on as I like to say; the struggle is real...

On this Throwback Thursday memories of being hungry / thirsty still remain; a dude can bear witness, knowing the deal..

...from Louisville / Newburg days  to these Atlanta days your dude comes through with these blue collar ways...

That's the deal as we emerge out of the ongoing smoke and mirrors; not over in Beirut again or out in California, Oregon or Washington in the wildfires;  over here the smoke clears!! per Throwback Thursday the O-Dog track plays...

Somebody will feel these breakbeat scientific principles as information / inspiration is provided!! hopefully rays of hope are received..

We're rocking out, not following hunches about waiting in the dark for things to improve we'll show and prove!! wise to the set up, we refuse to be deceived..

Knockout punches floored a  reality aka "rumble in the jungle"  participant!! beats will bump as O-Dizzle teachs them a lesson with the sonic blackjack; class is in session!!  word from a Louisville dude down here in the A- Town bearing witness to how the south can get!

...should be humble; like Donald Trump talking to Bob Woodward that mouth got them in trouble now the stress will double; that's how it usually works! thoughts were jumbled; scattered, speech incoherent;  out of the woodwork comments?

Information is provided / random thoughts are expressed in this post, meanwhile the bass rumbled on the O-Dog Podcast..

Inspiration is provided when landing this mothership back down on earth; like Al Roker we're giving you the weather forecast..

Came through the door fast, per Throwback Thursday bum rushing the show like Public Enemy!! the system was  trying to exclude us..

More or less? either way plans for crushing us were exposed, y'all should know the evil is opposed /  getting rude with us!!

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