Thursday, September 17, 2020

Information / Inspiration Was Provided (Part Eight)

O-Zone spotted everything that moved, per 2 Timothy:  15 -22 study to show himself approved, avoiding profane and vain babblings / doing the math up in this thing / gathering  the pertinent information..

The Fall Equinox is approaching, word from this veteran in the game now coaching? not allowing comebacks from 3-1 deficits like Doc Rivers we're just trying to maintain,but at the moment Hurricane Sally brought the high winds and rain!  now we're out here providing inspiration..

Who's encroaching? we were just trying to live but the arch nemesis was on the premises in an election year making empty promises about vaccines for the coronavirus and mentioning something about law and order..

Poaching / trespassing? good and evil clashing / my constituent bashing? this whole thing is out of order..

Approaching that point per the sonic assault? four track recorders fabricated sonic weapons in the war room aka temple of doom..

...for a naysayer, lessons taught with the sonic blackjack, information provided out here where good and evil collided / coincided; for each other they made room..

Holla at a player!! inspiration was provided but these jokers said they're rolling like  Antifa / Proud Boys / Al Qaeda or the Taliban;  until the Trump Secret Police roll up, now like Portland spots get blown up!

So what's the deal?  while the West Coast is on fire Wall Street stock brokers speculated on commodities; Trump not concerned about Covid 19 just the economy, said the market is sown up!

So what's the deal?  some brag or boast but a joker's oddities and imperfections are accented like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard  by those rolling with the fashion and thought police; they  had the spot staked out!

Information / information is provided when these players were called back into the game but thought and fashion police say this is hazardous material,  like Iran and North Korea are  yellow caked out! 

Information / information is provided, but these players face accusations!! crooks providing recipes for the Anarchists Cookbooks ?  please!! so what's up? what's the deal with those and these? per Throwback Thursday Rick James mentioned breaking out of L-7 square; said he got the hell out of there!

Information / information is provided rebuking the ongoing Slick games  that were supposedly good; but umpires called some out of there!

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