Thursday, September 3, 2020

Information / Inspiration Was Provided (Part Two)

Chilling out on a Throwback Thursday, reflecting on past episodes! check the modes, moving fast not wasting time in the past...

Information was provided from back in the day, now moving forward!! into the future we'll blast...

Inspiration was provided, but don't get me wrong,  feet are planted in the ground / the present like I'm some kind of foot soldier..

Transformation provided due to having boots on the ground in the ongoing spiritual warfare, but no  Captain America : Winter Soldier... 

The temperature is rising but it's still a cold world;  per the Covid 19 and systemic racism America seems to be getting colder!! Trump / Barr / McConnell are plotting / scheming

Found a cure like Ashford and Simpson per Throwback Thursday surprising naysayers plus we'll say prayers!! we're not playing, jokers haven't been fair with a brotha!! getting over the hump is the business like it's the HumpDay Extravaganza but raising the bar is the mission of the arch nemesis that's on the premises  plotting / scheming

Took a tour through the backwoods of my mind, checked the menu, information was provided!  now breakbeat science is dropped!! historical!! now this bruh will start his own traditions.

Dipped back to the community / back in these hoods!! diplomatic immunity was exercised, demons were  exorcised!! I didn't  like how it was going down!!  from here in Georgia to Kentucky to Wisconsin I didn't like how they're responding to requests for justice and peace!! so who's with me as I start my own petitions?

Who'll sign them?  inspiration is provided  like some are seeing Freddie Hubbard's First Light, but others  were still  waiting in the dark  like the light might blind them, until things get shady like when the sun goes down!

....or when it gets cloudy; now the crowd gets rowdy!!  inspiration is provided!! it's like Atlanta , Louisville , Minneapolis and Kenosha when  they saw their daughter or son go down!

Information is provided when we "holla atcha"; it's like runs scored in the game, it's going down!!  dropping knowledge, not like boisterous ones that'll  run their mouth about it!

Information / inspiration is provided on a Throwback Thursday, so who'll work with me? we're going all out for it!!

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