Sunday, September 27, 2020

Business As Usual / .Putting It Down Like This!!! (Part One)

Its the usual routine; business as usual after observing the scene in the ATL on a Saturday afternoon / evening  out there on I-20 with the wannabe macks and divas.

We're putting it down like this  in the heart of it; what's up with it?  on this Sunday morning we're dropping a gem on them; letting them know!! upside the head?  reality smacks non believers!

We're putting it down like this,  but who started it? trying to destroy democracy like Trump and the GOP?  this Sonic Assault will jack deceivers of the masses; please!! beats will bump, you feel me?  like I said were putting it down like this!!! who faces retribution?

This is business as usual! putting it down like this before we're dearly departed;  check us out, we're passing the torch!! check the secret knowledge revealed about this or that institution!

This is business as usual! putting it down like this!!  not wasting time,  old dude told us  it's a crime!!  like old school rappers who's losing weight instead of getting it up?

Cool!! like the Time and Morris Day talked about?   please!!  I'm avoiding  lunatics out here without a mask during this pandemic;  like "gimme a break"  like Nell Carter!! but this fire starter is not letting up!

In danger zones?  that's business as usual as Trump's shady so called Covid 19  expert Scott Atlas and others are in denial, something about herd immunity;  not trying to lie bro, exercising diplomatic immunity per God being great / good!! realizing  no fear becomes real and it'll  greet ya like a long lost pal!! plus it takes no prisoners!

In danger zones?  that's business as usual as beats bump and this good word is dropped but thought and fashion police say designated areas were restricted, so we dipped back to the community!!  the culture will cancel you even if you're not convicted!  you cant even have visitors!

The only visitor you'll have is drama, but that's business as usual but we'll continue to do what we do, putting it down like this!!

In the vestibule? drama tries to enter, soon the arch nemesis is on the premises but we'll evict them as we continue putting it down like this!!

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