Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hospital Podcast 427 with London Elektricity

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza episode, as we go into funk mode..

ATLiens would call it crunk mode, but this is not Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday, truth be told...

Proof has been provided that this is cold world even though the temperature is rising due to global warming.. other factors introduced by these actresses and actors; Ashford and Simpson Found A Cure so we're rolling with that / going on with that!! check how we span the globe brainstorming..

Check the strobe lights flashing per this disco inferno / O-Dog Day Party!! we're listening to Hospital Podcast 427 with London Elektricity..

Hitting different with this drum and bass!! check out the playlist and the mix!! earlier I asked was their a Doctor In The House? from London to here in Atlanta Hospital Records will rock the house!! somebody will feel me!!

Tracklist: Voltage - Life Of A DJ (feat. Demolition Man)
Voltage - Outta Orda
DRS & Dynamite - Burn (feat. Nu:Tone & Terri Walker)
Voltage - Journey To Outer Space
Voltage - Save Me From Myself
Voltage - Odyssey (feat. Evil B)
Houndstooth - Good Time
DRS & Dynamite - Tectonic Plates (feat. DieMantle)
Voltage - Keep On Dancing
Dephzac - Northern Light
Danny Byrd - Failsafe (feat. London Elektricity)
Ruckspin - Porcelain (feat. Ruth Royall)
London Elektricity - Round The Corner
DRS & Dynamite - A Song For You (feat. DJ Marky)
DRS & Dynamite - Gullyman Skank (feat. Chimpo)
Voltage - Endless Dreaming (feat. The Bulgarian Goddess)
DRS & Dynamite - Not The Fake Ones (feat. Roni Size)
DRS & Dynamite - Still Beautiful (feat. Keeno & Obsel)
AC13 - Tell No Soul (feat. King DeepField)
Voltage - Moonshine

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