Thursday, October 1, 2020

Business As Usual / Putting It Down Like This!!! (Part Three)

Dropping this good word plus playing this good music? oh yes!! this is what I do, this is business usual..

We're putting it down like this, getting breakbeat scientific, real with it!! there are no Dr Scott Atlas type fabrications!! that's not how we do bro!!

Dr Anthony Fauci type science is dropped,  for those asking if there is a Doctor In The House; your dude never quit / stopped but opposition is met like the Trump administration vs science..

Understand me? spot me doing the knowledge on local / national / international  / intergalactic fronts; the mothership gets good mileage, not acting irrational like Trump at the presidential debate!! a joker fakes / fronts when they're out of their mind!!

The mothership landed me in hostile territories, now peeping game!!  it has me asking whats up with some, sleeping in the game? some will get caught out there, their styles weren't discrete now files were deleted !! they were caught up in the food chain!

But I knew how the street would get;  per the ongoing business as usual; checked the chain of command, I heard the advice to stand back but stand by, knowing that a fool would bring the pain!

We're putting it down like this but who'll understand this school of thought that thought and fashion police called dysfunctional? please!! like a train  leaving the Five Points MARTA station here in Atlanta?   this train of thought is coming through!

But this is business as usual, we're putting it down like this!! we unleash this Sonic Assault in the Babylon wilderness that we're running through!

Still out here on I-20 in Atlanta the gateway to the universe; we found a portal to slide through, dipping through Portal 1 or 2? please !! at this point it doesn't even matter..

...Knowing how this sport will go / taking our time / taking it slow; barking like a junkyard dog up the wrong tree? please!! it's rough out here in these attack zones!! the Sonic Assault unleashed by O-Dog will make evil forces scatter!!

..while O-Zone is like Rep. Katie Porter doing the knowledge when dropping this good word, focused on what really matters!! 

Danger zone business as usual? we're putting it down like this!! on this Throwback Thursday? we're going for what we know, dropping this funk on the yard! in the hooptie? the trunk will rattle!!

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