Sunday, October 4, 2020

Business As Usual / Putting It Down Like This!!! (Part Four)

Sunday Jazz Continues? oh yeah, check us out! of course that'll be business as usual...

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, but we'll continue to put it down like this!! breakbeat scientific? oh yes!! on Sunday morning this is how we do!!

The saga / struggle continues, enhanced by October Surprises as the pursuit of prizes will have some caught out there like Trump with the coronavirus..

...caught out there with other GOP members at the Amy Coney Barrett event aka the super spreader event; it doesn't surprise us!!

Business as usual? bearing witness to how they do!! peeping game at the preponderance of evidence, doing more with it than Daniel Cameron in the Breonna Taylor case? 

Putting it down like this!! not sleeping in the game, now exercising an abundance of caution  with the clones in this zone; per CDC guidelines social distancing is required in more ways than one; negative ones are not allowed in my face..

Who you working with?  friends or strangers per Ronnie Laws?   halt!! who gos there? that's  O-Zone's attitude but your dude is cautiously optimistic...

The rebirth of it? oh yes!! getting funky with it, O-Dizzle is taking it there with the percussions but that's business as usual; he's putting it down like this but it's out of control!!  check the laws of attraction /  karmic repercussions some deal with in the midst of it..

Who are you working with?  who do you know out there? where? on the front lines of spiritual warfare!! George Floyd and others? the so called laws of the land took them under! the hood per Compton's Most Wanted?   business as usual? flaws and imperfections will cause the blunder!

...even Stevie Wonder can see What's Going On!!  answering Marvin Gaye's question? 

Business as usual? check us out as we put it down like this, still bearing witness to the wonders of the world!! in the midst of the madness it should remind us that the Lord blessed one!

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