Friday, October 30, 2020

It’s Going Down (Part Six)

 Check us out as we proceed and continue on this Flashback Friday by dropping the good word plus letting the music play!  

It’s Going Down, true indeed just look around bear witness to how these jokers play! 

It’s Going Down! from here in Atlanta to your area check the mass hysteria as these October Surprises play out in front of us like the GOP vs democracy

It’s going down, somebody will understand a brotha and they won’t be surprised by the hypocrisy the midst of Scorpio Season the sport is full of treason per this 2020 election...

It’s Going Down! you can find this Scorpio peeping game especially since the Taurus Full Moon will soon confront your section..

Peeped out the window saw that it’s missing a section supposed to be full this Sunday.. conjunction with Uranus some can bear witness to what pain is praying everyday including as we proceed and continue; the drama doesn't quit or stop!! even on Sunday 

It’s going down, as we proceed and continue!! .O-Dizzle the funky drummer doesn't quit or stop...

Dropping this funk along with house music and hip hop..

.....That's his response; ..once again it's on!! .bear witness to the steady bombardment of the enemy position...

It’s going down! Sonic Assaults are unleashed but it's all love that’s  how we play..once again it's on!!..dropping this good word and the brand new funk is our mission...

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