Friday, October 16, 2020

Business As Usual / Putting It Down Like This (Part Nine)

 It's going down on a Flashback Friday, but you best believe for these breakbeat scientists?   this is business as usual..

We're putting it down like this!!  a Fabulous Friday type of vibe is exhibited even though my tribe has to deal with it but we're wise to the setup / hip to what it do..

We're putting it down like this!! no need for fact checking like Biden or Trump town halls, we're still freedom riding plus the beats will bump y'all as we do what we do!!

We're putting it down like this!! we're catching wreck in this thing rebuking Trump October Surprisesas that Brotha O- Zone mentioned those devices used, he let you know what it do!!

But that's business as usual, all of us are going through it !! O-Zone? juking like Barry Sanders back in the day, especially on this Flashback Friday as I rock his number 20  jersey..

Shady business? check us out!! we're out here rebuking it!! somebody will understand us and how we play; catch us out in the gateway to the universe; out on I-20 in Atlanta, so who'll work with me? 

Y'all should know what the deal is, act like you know me and you can "see what I'm saying";  this life is precious; its nothing to play around with! 

Y'all should know what the deal is, earlier Trump said it is what it is concerning the Covid 19 death toll so y'all should see how he'll roll!!  at the end of the day some were asking Ice Cube, who were they found with?

Who you rolling with?  the special team or special forces said they were rolling like Navy Seals!!  they'll play you like Osama Bin Laden! 

But QAnon said it wasn't real,it was a stunt double now others are in trouble;  per Flashback Friday? Mitch McConnell tried to front on Obama concerning Supreme Court and other Federal judge appointments, typical Kentuckian creating drama but Amy McGrath is trying to do the math; so what's up with ya?  of course during these trying times this life is messy / hearts are heavy laden..

What's really going on? this is Real Deal Holyfield business as usual, check us out!! of course we're out here putting it down like this!!

What's really going on? we'll continue to play the field there's something out here for us as this good word is dropped, also this good sound is!!

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