Wednesday, October 21, 2020

It’s Going Down! ( Part Three)

Check it out! It’s going down but per business as usual emphasized in my last series...

Check it out! We’re putting it down like this and we’re not playing with this! this thing is serious! 

Check it out as we enter Scorpio Season  but these Trump types won’t abort their treason

They’ll pay taxes to China but it’s hard to find a receipt for payments to the United States so what’s the reason? 

Meanwhile you’ll find this brotha still getting breakbeat scientific with it..

It’s going down! you’ll find this brotha still trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza can you dig it?

Its going down but The Dramatics kicked some off the mountain; told them to get off my mountain / get off my cloud!! meanwhile we’re up in that sound again with the digital vs analog instigation!

From the mountains of Afghanistan to the streets of Atlanta it’s going down: some of my constituents will be caught up in the system

What's up with them? it appears  NCIS and Gibbs conducted investigations so they could find the culprit!

What's up with them? it's business as usual for those asking what's up with it! please!! jokers are walking out of interviews like Trump on 60 minutes  with Leslie Stahl,  you know they're corrupt with it!

What's up with them? Beats will bump and this good word is dropped, it’s going down! O-Dizzle and O-Zone conducted business as usual, it’s of the breakbeat scientific type...

What's up with them? please!! they're putting it down like this...we weren't caught up in the hype..

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